Monday, March 14, 2011

Intriguing words on universities, students, and academic capitalism

Having attended a private business school for two years, and even in my experience as an undergrad at a large state school, I can attest to these words:
The logical conclusion is that students ought only to be taught by Richard Branson by shadowing him on a work day, to ensure he himself re- mains relevant by remaining on the job. And if this contradiction were not obvious enough, the style of pedagogy, the first contradiction, reminds the student that what is really relevant, what is really skilful, is to prove to the real world what university education always proves (at least): that the student can follow arbitrary authority, endure boredom, and compete against others.
That is from Stefano Harney's article "In the business school". This can be found in the Edu-Factory Collective's Web Journal, issue number zero, entitled "The Double Crisis". You can find a copy of the journal here, and purchase their book Towards a Global Autonomous University here

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